“Hiring an attorney was not something that I was exactly excited about doing. It was a very difficult time for me and I felt alone and need some legal and ethical guidance. Carrie Doom just fell into my hands by accident and it was the best decision I have ever made hiring her. Not only did I receive a lawyer that was honest on every aspect of the process, but I gained a friend that I knew would stand by me. She is straight forward and was not afraid to let me know if my wishes were unreasonable. I no longer felt alone. I still use Carrie Doom to this day for legal advice and guidance. I always have and will continue to recommend her to anyone that is seeking legal representation.”

Tracy, Client

“One of the most stressful events a person can experience in life is being part of a lawsuit. I am truly grateful to have had Carrie Doom representing me. Carrie Doom epitomizes professionalism while connecting with her clients on a personal level. Intimidation, scare tactics and “mud-slinging” legal games are not part of Carrie Doom’s style—she knows the law and never resorts to such unnecessary actions. Carrie’s agenda is not overshadowed by politics or driven by personal gain. She genuinely cares about what is best for her client. I feel very lucky to have Carrie Doom in my corner as my attorney ready to fight for my best interests.”

Heather, Client

“A serious personal injury precipitates a very challenging season filled with questions, fears, financial struggles, medical issues, and legal complications. An attorney with vast experience, who is able to navigate complex insurance issues and bring about a suitable settlement, is crucial. Finding an attorney with a matchless reputation, superb communication skills, and compassionate, pleasant personality is like finding a prize. We are so thankful for the devotion to excellence and caring service found in our attorney: Sherwood McKinnis.”

Carlotta, Client

“Sherwood McKinnis has provided many years of legal services for our Bank. He is detailed, ethical, diligent and reliable. Sherwood’s legal work compares favorably with Twin Cities Attorneys at a lower cost; and is provided in a direct, friendly manner. We greatly appreciate his legal work.”

Minnesota Banker, Client

“Sherwood McKinnis helped through a difficult business transition. Sherwood was knowledgeable, patient and approachable throughout the whole process. I was incredibly impressed with how hard he was willing to work for me and my company. I have and will continue to wholeheartedly recommend Sherwood’s legal services.”

Minnesota Dentist, Client